Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I've been working hard!

Contrary to this photo, I have been working really hard to get better! It makes me tired, but so does the heat...

Dad gets up and takes us for a morning walk -every day since I got permission for longer's good for us! Now that school's out, we can get Mom to go with...most days!
Mom has tried to step up by doing my "Sara-cises" in the afternoons...we have fun with those! (Dad found the best jerky treats!)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Whew! They brought me home...

This morning we got up early and I was nervous as we got into the car-partly because Dad had to lift me in, partly because my last trip was a little scary.

We drove back to the hospital,and I was worried, but getting my stitches out wasn't so was pretty quick! Then I met Ms. Shannon. She massaged me and took some measurements on my legs-how big my muscles are and how far my knees bend. Then we went to the water treadmill!

I've never worn a lifevest before, and I was tense about the contraption. Once the water  got high enough, I had to start walking. When the water drained, I got dried off and Ms. Shannon showed Mom and Dad some new exercises. It was fun, and I love my new friends at LVVSC!

But maybe the best part was my hamburger on the way home...and a nap!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sarah's (second-hand) Post

Dear Family, Friends, and Blog Readers,
I met my doctor (surgeon) and his intern today. They seem really nice, and explained everything to Mom and Dad. Doctor Mason says that from his exam, he thinks that both my ACLs might be messed up, but that the left one is definitely the worst. So he's going to shave my legs, scope both my knees, take some pictures, and give me a plate and screw on the left leg. Then we'll do rehab work and see how I recover. 50-50 chance that I may have to have the right one fixed eventually. This was kind of upsetting news for Mom and Dad, although I kind of think Mom was more upset that the doctor's going to shave the fronts of my legs instead of giving me a haircut on the tail feathers. It was going pretty well, until they said they were going to keep me overnight 2, possibly 3, nights - starting right away. Mom started crying on my neck when it was time for me to go see my temporary was kind of embarrassing. Anyway, Mom said she'd post this update for me, so hopefully you can keep "in the loop". I will make sure that she updates everyone after my surgery tomorrow and when I get to come home. I see a lot of treats in my future for this one!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Since I'm hoping you'll help me, here's my story...

I have to have ACL surgery on my left rear knee...which isn't going to be fun. I look forward to making my parents feel VERY guilty!
My name is Sarah Bella Elena (there's more, but it's Portuguese). 

I have some of the best "Golden" expressions in the world, and I let my parents know how I feel with groans and sighs. We are pretty tight, since I'm pretty much their baby. 

Even though I have to share them with my "sister", Sadie, I think I'm their favorite.


 I love toys, running, snow, running water, river logging, camping, my family, and my bean bag. 

When they let me, I like to sleep up on their bed...but then I'm the only one who gets a good night's sleep.

I am currently keeping a toy farm...with a pig and a chicken that my cousins gave me for Christmas (it's my second chicken...the first one last a whole year!)

Tug of war and keep away are my favorite games.

I'm a little nervous about having surgery (I've been REALLY needy since I saw the doctor), but I hope that I can get back to running and feeling better once my leg works right. Dad's going to build me some stairs for Grammie's bed so I can get up there whenever I want to and watch out the window.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my story. If you want to catch up on my past 5 years of adventures, please keep reading!

2013 - We're almost there!

In 2013, Mom and Dad started to notice me limping on my "bad" leg. This is my right hip that was dislocated as a puppy. So, we went to Dr. King and he prescribed me some medicine for bad days. He also said that I should cut back a little on the running, which means that now I have to walk on a leash a lot more. Mom still takes me and Sadie (and sometimes Mojo and Gracie) out for one "free" walk on the weekend. I am a little slower now, but still pretty darn cute.

This is my chicken that my cousin gave me for Christmas. You can't have it!
The medicine helps, but in the fall, Mom and Dad took me back to Dr. King and asked about whether I could be more comfortable with regular medicine. He took a look and said yes. So now I take a Previcox every morning. I was finally starting to get back some of my old speed! We didn't get to do many trips this year since Dad worked at Zion National Park over the summer, but we got out and did some things.

Yes, this is my WAITING spot.
I got a my first haircut...I didn't really love it, but look how pretty I am!
I was waiting and waiting for snow...and finally got some on Dad's birthday! It was awesome! And it stayed cold for a long time, which meant that my snow stuck around. We got a second snow shortly before Christmas - and I went out to play with my friends. I guess I got a little too enthusiastic. I was limpy the next day, and Mom checked me over, but couldn't find anything. She though maybe I'd just tweaked a toenail or something, so they kept and eye on me.

We went to Texas for Christmas, and I was pretty calm. I limped a little bit, so there wasn't much running for me.
Family pictures would not have been so pretty without us!

2012 - Some old, some new as I'm 4 now (my birthday is October), I have started to "mature"...yeah, right! Mom and Dad have gotten really busy with their school stuff (Mom teaches, Dad's a full-time student) so we are "putting our noses to the grindstone" as they say. Mom found lots of pictures from 2012, but they were all of plants from one of Dad's classes...
This is Jack...he came with his parents to visit in February. I wasn't used to sharing with something that small!

Sadie and I keeping things together.

Oooh! Family road trip!

I finally got to see this thing called the was awesome! But it tasted funny...

I people's my thing!

Feeling neglected...I have this very sad-sounding sigh to go with this face.

2011... Hikes, Bikes, and Family

I'm 3...and now fully hairy! Mom and Dad are busy, but we still go for hikes. I like to go with them when they ride their mountain bikes close to home. Sadie, Mom, and I made a trip to Texas - Nana and Poppa have a BIG lawn which I love!
You were looking for a spring, right? I found it!


You said we could have water...

Lovin' from the cousin!

It's exhausting being this cute...let's rest Mom!

Nope! You can't have it Aunt Katie!

Don't I make this grass look pretty?

2 on 1? You're on...

I could make a calendar with this one!

I help my cousins...I'm a helper!

Houseguests...Sadie kept an eye on them while I spent a lot of time avoiding them!

I can't believe Mom and Dad even bothered with pictures before I got here! Merry Christmas!